We wish to thank the hundreds of thousands of people who have taken the EQ tests to date and be part of our recruitment processes.

We have been doing extraordinary validating and conducting sourcing with our company instruments to learn more about our talents. During our sourcing and assessments, we met so many interesting people including those who are , rich (in life and/or material wealth), famous, successful, less fortunate, unfulfilled and downtrodden.

Talentum EQ Consulting Sdn Bhd gives you opportunities to learn more about yourselves and the areas on which our talents can focus to greatly enhance their lives.

Engaging talents around sustainability:

Talents are most effective at their job when they can engage their knowledge, their ability and their experiences. Talentum EQ Consulting Sdn Bhd is tailored to help you to understand the benefits of a fully engaged workforce and why the sustainability is important to achieve your goals.

Talent Management and Strategic Sourcing:

Most companies stand to gain by finding workable solutions to some of their existing problems and identifying suitably talented candidates to be absorbed in their setup for employment. Talentum EQ Consulting uses the right tools to help these companies.

Emotional Intelligence:

Emotional self-awareness is the ability to recognise your feelings, differentiate between them, know why you are feeling these feelings, and recognise impact your feelings have on others around you.

Recruiting and Leading
with Emotional Intelligence

Why EI ? Simply, because it is a very strong predictor of individual performance organizational effectiveness.

People who like us

  • Within the newly developed regional leadership program for SE-Asia & Oceana, Mrs. Elif Malmqvist (Elif) who represented the company of Taletum EQ, coached the part of Emotional Intelligence during the pilot roll out here in Singapore in November 2018. This regional leadership program is aligned for Atlas Copco Middle Management across all Business areas, Divisions and functions. Within this program segment, Elif guided the participants through the pre-preparation, on-line assessment, personal feedback and class room training of the Emotional Intelligence coaching. For Atlas Copco, Elif came into this regional leadership training program with a history of involvement in several SE-Asian countries on individual Emotional Intelligence programs. In responds to the execution of our program, I must say that we had nothing but exceptionally and highly performing coaching experiences with Elif. Great communication skills and the ability to work with her. The Atlas Copco regional leadership program for SE-Asia & Oceania will include Elif in the 2019 program for Sydney, Australia and Bangkok, Thailand as well. I feel very comfortable recommending Elif and the Emotional Intelligence Program to future leadership programs and if needed I would provide additional information, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Horst Wasel

    Vice President - Atlas Copco Holding SE-Asia & Oceania
  • It is my great pleasure to recommend Elif Malmqvist with her company Talentum EQ Consulting as a highly professional Executive Search Entity and in particular Elif as an outstanding individual in that realm of Business. I have been in close touch with Elif over a period of several months from the 2nd half of 2016 onwards as a mandate candidate for a high level placement. Elif’s work ethic and conduct has consistently impressed me; moreover her very professional demeanor, effectiveness, communication skills and reliability makes her stand out greatly from the multitude of other executive search companies I have personally encountered over the past years. I want to further remark that she constantly demonstrated these qualities at a high and consistent level. Apart from those characteristics she is eternally upbeat and dedicated to her client without parallel and on top possesses the trait of having great empathy. I heartily endorse Elif Malmqvist for any services within the Executive Search Industry. I am utmost convinced that she will serve other candidates with the same level of ambition, dedication and professionalism which makes her a very precious asset in that line of business. I am happy to furnish more details in case additional information is requested.

    Dr. Ulf Ausprung

    CEO Han Sung Motors Korea / Mercedes-Benz Retail Group
  • Christin is a very professional recruitment agent who is very positive and resourceful. Throughout the recruitment process, she was friendly and been able to show her professionalism in the communication. I will not hesitate to recommend her to anyone!

    Lu Hee Siang

    Regional Sales Manager
  • Elif stands out among the recruiters with whom I have worked. She successfully holds both the interest of the company and that of the candidate in her mind at all times. The result is the right candidate for the right job. Even more important, Elif is extremely professional and passionate about her work. She is always striving to serve her client in the most effective manner possible. She is conscientious about her work and is very protective of the confidences entrusted to her. Elif takes the time to understand the needs of her clients. Always looking for the correct fit, she never attempts to “shoe horn” a candidate into a position. She has a relentless work ethic and is extremely trustworthy. Elif has earned my deepest respect and my highest recommendation.

    Theodoros Gkitzos

    Director – Corporate Services Finance Accreditation Agency
  • Thanks to Christin for helping me to get the job that I wanted in next career move. She is an experienced headhunter, willing to listen me and employer request. She has patience to explain the employer demand and guide me through the interview process.

    Lee Chee Seng

    Business Intelligence Specialist
  • We have been very satisfied with the performance and approach both pre- and post-recruitments. Consequently, we intend to continue to work with Elif and Talentum EQ and we would be at disposal for any possible references.

    Mats Nilsson

    President & Managing Director Volvo Malaysia
  • Elif recommended me to do a EQ assessment when I was in a phase of my career where I couldn’t see any way forward.. This opened my eyes on certain points where I had never really understood the feedback I have got earlier. She gave me feedback and couched me how to work with it. This helped me to find the future direction in my professional life and to get a promotion which I am very happy with today.

    Marie Sommar

    Communication Manager Global Sales & Services and Regional Communication Manager Alfa Laval France sas
  • Dear Elif, The previous face to face time with you left a great impression in me. It’s an very good exercise to have self-reflection. I still have a long way to go and will never stop. 
    Have a very nice weekend!

    Dinah Chen

    Atlas Copco (Thailand) Ltd. Regional Business Controller - South East Asia
  • Hi Elif, Thank you very much for your training and advice, I have benefited greatly and increased my self-awareness from my time with you. Thank you.
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
    Best Regards,

    Mark Lim

    Leybold Singapore Pte Ltd Business Line Manager – VTS, SEA
  • I am writing this mail to thank you for the contribution to the Marine Department that saw tremendous change in attitude and work relationship, in a positive way.
    We started the newly created, focused department with rough patches. Gathering people to set up the new department, we encountered many obstacles such as uncertainty of the business, trust amongst each other and working relationship. The individual assessments done provided a platform to look into areas with room for improvement. With your guidance provided, training and workshop conducted, we saw the Marine Department transformed into a strong, business minded, cooperative and jovial team. You have helped to open up everyone’s mind, enhancing relationship within the department. To date, Marine businesses grow more than one-fold. We expect the synergy within the department to continue and businesses to grow to the next height.
    Once again, thank you for your professional advices, interaction sessions and guidance.

    ONG H.K.

    Business Line Manager - Marine Atlas Copco (South-East Asia) Pte Ltd - Atlas Copco (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd
  • Thank you so much to you! It is such a blessing to have had the opportunity to be a part of this & to have that 1-on-1 session with you got me thinking a lot more about my own strengths, weaknesses and how often I can be too self-critical and downplay my own strengths whilst allowing myself to over-think my own weaknesses. You are such a fantastic soul !!! You are such an inspiration to me and I hope that one day, I will be able to achieve the right balance in developing my own leadership style.

    Jennifer T W Yee


Core Values

Talentum EQ Sdn Bhd’s core values of teamwork, commitment, and innovation will guide our future. Our core values represent a competitive advantage to our company and help us to maintain our position, even in a diffent multicultural environments.

Commitment means that we are totally engaged in finding the best solution we can possibly deliver. We are as fully committed to our candidates and to adding value to our clients’ business as we are to our own targets and goals.

A significant attribute of Talentum EQ Sdn Bhd is the ability to listen to and understand the diverse needs of our clients and candidates, coupled with our capacity to create new and better solutions based on what we learn from this interactive process.

We believe in lessons learned. Our innovative spirit is a vital part of Talentum EQ Sdn Bhd’s identity and is a vital part of our way of conducting business. It is also the driving force that has and will make us the leader in our industry. Innovation is the ultimate driver for long-term profitability and development. We believe that we learn something new everyday!

Elif Malmqvist

Elif has been working as a headhunter, coach, trainer and facilitator in many different countries for over 16 years.

She holds a Master degree in Social Science and has also studied Neuroscience, Leadership and Gender Equality in the work environment. She is an EQi 2.0 certified consultant.

Elif has conducted EQ workshops and training programs for her clients. She likes to know more about the cultural differences and how they might impact the growth of the business across geographical boundaries. She has helped many businesses to increase their profits.

She is proud to have her candidates in many high level positions in the big companies and organisations.


Wesley Wang

Wesley has been an innovative Graphic and Web Designer for the past 9 years.

He is an independent worker with an open mind and believes in life-long learning.

Li Ann

Li Ann is a dedicated young professional with a background in recruitment, data management, sales operations and customer service.

She is experienced in executive search and is undergoing EQ training to be a more effective recruiter by including EQ recruitment methods into her work to provide clients with the best talent available.




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